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A people of the ‘Third Way’

Is there an alternative to the ‘either / or’ society that we are living in? It is not hard when you look at the headlines, listen to the ‘he said, she said’ nature of political debates or dabble in social media to notice the marked absence of grace in our social discourse. We seem to be increasingly incapable of giving others the benefit of the doubt. Our politicians appear captive to supporting their party’s ideology rather than being free pursue social ideals and supporting political polices that benefit all, regardless.


1968 if you asked anyone who would dominate the world watch market in 1990 almost everyone would have answered the Swiss. Why because at that time the Swiss not only dominated the world watch market they had done so for decades. Moreover, they were not resting on their laurels they were constantly seeking to improve their watches inventing the minute hand, the second hand, better ways to manufacture the gears and mainsprings. They led the world on research into waterproofing watches.

Linking lives – building community