Oh God,
We pray for those who are crying out for help –
those who are too poor to look after their families without food
banks and school meals;
those who do not know how they will continue working because of the
price of fuel;
those who are cold even now without their heating –
too afraid to turn it on.
Enable us all to help them in any ways we can,
and strengthen those in power and those who lead our country
that they might respond helpfully to these human predicaments.

We pray for those who are suffering because of wars across the
world. We pray for those who have become displaced and seek
sanctuary in many countries.
We ask you to strengthen and grant wisdom to all people in our own
country who are reaching out to them in compassion.
We think of the families of the young men sentenced to death far
from home.
O God, we long for their safe return,
and we pray now for their families.
We pray too for the refugees and asylum seekers who are being
forcibly moved to Rwanda,
and ask that compassion and justice will prevail.

Lord Jesus Christ, you came once, you shall come again,
And we ask you, come now, and bring hope, and love and joy,
For your name’s sake, Amen.

(Rev Helen Cook)

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