This is an announcement from Helen Cook about the response to the changes in Covd regulations.  Please press here to watch a video if you prefer.



The Church of Scotland have published their latest Covid guidance following the governmental changes on regulations.

They have advised us at all times to consider both those who are still most at risk when catching Covid and those who are wishing to worship without masks.

When you think about it most of us find wearing a mask annoying, but I’m sure most of us don’t want our friends to be afraid to come to church because masks are not being worn.

The Kirk Session have considered three options, and what they have selected we hope will help all our members to be confident to return to share in worship; here is what they have agreed to for the next two to three weeks.  I  am sure we will be reassessing again once case numbers in our area have fallen, and all governmental restrictions are lifted. If you have an opinion about this, please let me or an elder know (press here for contact details): here is the KS decision for now:

The seats to the sides of the church will be for those who wish to continue to wear masks and to be socially distanced.  Those who wish to stop wearing masks may sit in the centre of the church – as may anyone wearing a mask who doesn’t mind being next to people not wearing a mask.

If you are moving about in the church, you are asked to please wear a mask, and the welcome team at the door will also wear masks as they will be meeting everyone and this is the safest option for the vulnerable among us.

The choir will wear masks when sitting to the side of the church, but now will be able to remove them when singing socially distanced from the front of the church.

I am very grateful to the elders who responded to the email detailing options for us all, and to the Kirk Session Clerk, and Depute Clerk for  helping to manage this.


Please press here to see the latest government guidance on COVID-19: safe use of places of worship.




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