Burnside Hall Garden Group

We are a self-starting, informal and enthusiastic group of all ages that seeks to renew and sustain the life of the earth in the Burnside Hall Garden. There are little and large jobs for everyone and people come and go as they have time.

So far over twenty individuals have contributed to clearing the completely overgrown bank area and to its planting, many from within the congregation and wider community have kindly donated plants and bulbs, Young Church with parents and helpers undertook the garden bank bulb planting, and Dollar in Bloom gives great support and advice. We are now maintaining the bank area and looking forward to a wonderful spring show of colour on the bank.

Our current work is now focussed on the lawn area as a safe and attractive space for Young Church Outdoors activities, Church events and as a sitting and activity area for the community. We are clearing a large weeded area and will plant this area with a wildflower lawn mix together with an area specifically for birds, bees and butterflies. We will also be edging the lawn area and creating a flowered border.     

We are also repairing the distinctive stone walls that surround the garden and creating pathways round the hall. Some of the walls have been recently repointed through the Ochils Landscape Partnership programme but much remains to be done. Work is now ongoing on lime mortaring the roadside wall. We are ensuring that the sand type and lime mix is in keeping with the traditional materials of the conservation area. 

Anyone of any age is very welcome to contribute into the garden; it’s a great group of people working in the garden. Jyust get in touch through the Church Secretary whose contact details can be found here